1. Do you also compose press releases for us?

Yes, we certainly offer this service. Please use our contact form.

2. How long will our article remain on the welcome page?

On our home page, we always place the 10 latest press releases with the first part of the text and 20 more with only headlines. Your release will remain there until it is replaced by 30 newer releases. Your article will remain available in our database as long as you wish.

3. Is it actually worth publishing our releases on theblockchainexaminer.com?

Sure! theblockchainexaminer.com receives hundreds of clicks every day and has a steadily increasing number of subscribers to our email newsletter and the RSS Feed. By constantly bringing fresh news, we are also bringing large volumes of readers to the website daily.

Thus theblockchainexaminer.com reaches a large and constantly increasing number of decision-makers and policy-makers, which makes it an interesting platform for your corporate communication. Furthermore, your article also appears regularly in Google search results, often just a few minutes after its release on theblockchainexaminer.com (Please note that theblockchainexaminer.com cannot guarantee that your release will be published on Google News.)

4. When was theblockchainexaminer.com launched and who runs the site?

theblockchainexaminer.com was launched in March 2019 and the site/service is operated by PICANTE Media and Events, which is part of Hipther Agency.

5. Why do you publish press releases for free?

We want to give smaller companies and early-stage startups the chance to go public with their news at any time and we not planning to change anything in this service. Companies interested in opting for more frequent PR distribution can opt for our Bulk Press Release Publishing Package.

6. Can I also place an ad for my company on theblockchainexaminer.com?

Yes. We offer you the possibility of placing banners. Furthermore, it is possible to book on several other websites in our network. Please check the list of sites and banner listing options here.

7. Tips for setting up your press release

Tip #1:Use a suitable keyword in the title of your press release

Having a suitable keyword in your article headline is the single most important ranking factor of a press release.

Tip #2: Publish current press releases

Search engines prefer to show up recently published articles.

Tip #3: Ensure that your press release fits the content factors

Search engines prefer great articles written in high quality. Content factors for ranking high are the following:

  • Headline max. 110 chars
  • Articles with at least 80 words in one paragraph (!), not too long and not too many backlinks in the text. Search engines and especially Google does not like short sentences/paragraphs.
  • Do not post one single sentence or word in every row of your press release
  • Do not post tables of content in your press release as it looks like spam.
  • Ensure that your text is written coherent.

8. Any more questions?

In case you have further questions about theblockchainexaminer.com feel free to contact us!.