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Road Town, British Virgin Islands–(Newsfile Corp. – March 17, 2023) – As a world-class digital asset exchange, LBank continues to focus on providing its users with quality projects to participate in. Here is a weekly report made by LBank Exchange presenting this week’s exciting new listings and a summary of the ones listed last week, offering users more information to help better understand these unique opportunities.

New Listings on LBank Exchange

Scheduled this week starting on March 13th.

For a more complete list please follow our Twitter @LBank_Exchange.

Project: EST
Listing date: March 13th
Key words: Others, Initial Listing, POLY
Official Website: https://www.esttoken.io/

About: EST (Ensign Token)’s team has a previous listing background of P2E utility token and environment to activate P2E field. CEO (Thomas) and the team have experience on K-Pop contents, and Thomas has more than 10 years’ investment history. The team of EST consists of more than 200 developers globally with strong P2E background, K-Pop content related experience, and metaverse/blockchain based technical abilities.

Project: GPT
Listing date: March 13th
Key words: Others, BEP20
Official Website: https://www.cryptogpt.org/

About: CryptoGPT is the ZK Layer-2 blockchain that powers the AI revolution. GPT blockchain hosts apps with 2+ million active users, placing it as one of the biggest blockchains at launch.

Project: THX
Listing date: March 14th
Key words: Others, BEP20
Official Website: https://thxone.com/

About: In order for everyone to have access to the same financial rights, blockchain technology that goes beyond the existing limits is required. THX has spent more than three years preparing and working on technology, services, infrastructure, and institutions to meet these needs.

Project: CHICA
Listing date: March 15th
Key words: Utility, Initial Listing, BEP20
Official Website: http://chicachain.io/

About: CHICA is a blockchain-based beauty reward platform. CHICA aims to create a convenient and mutually beneficial platform for both consumers and businesses in the beauty industry.

Project: MWCC
Listing date: March 15th
Key words: Others, Initial Listing, TRC20
Official Website: https://metaworldcc.com/

About: The MWCC platform is a shopping ecosystem in the form of a new social metaverse built with buyers, influencers, and commerce. It provides tokens that can be used in various social fields and services that can be used online. It has various technical characteristics of blockchain, such as a consumer network through sharing on SNS.

Project: MNFT
Listing date: March 15th 
Key words: Utility, ERC20
Official Website: https://mnftcoin.com/

About: The MNFT token is a utility and governance token audited by Certik. MNFT is distinguished from other cryptocurrencies by the opportunities given to MNFT (MongolNFT Coin)’s community, to potentially benefit from the variety of token utilizations the active participation in the projects under MongolNFT.

Listing date: March 15th 
Key words: Others, BEP20
Official Website: https://mydid.com/

About: XSL Labs offers a number of solutions for protecting identity data on the Internet. The company is developing a blockchain-based DID, the Secure Digital Identity to fight data theft, usurpation and forgery. With the myDid application, users can manage the creation of a decentralized digital identity, the use of verifiable credentials (VCs) and open badges. Users can consciously choose to share information with compatible services in a secure way while keeping a history of all consents. By using myDid application, users can retain identities and verifiable information.

Project: PTOY
Listing date: March 15th
Key words: Utility, ERC20
Official Website: https://patientory.com/

About: PTOY is the native token of PTOYMatrix, the HIPAA compliant blockchain-enabled Health Information Exchange and Storage System. The token provides unit economics for health data auditability and access to the PTOYMatrix which aims to ensure access to healthcare information is secure and encrypted. PTOY aims to drive the PTOYMATRIX’s value towards interoperability and cybersecurity. The storage network offers improved data integrity, reduced transaction costs, decentralization, and disintermediation of transparency/trust and directs the healthcare stakeholders to securely manage electronic medical data.

Project: FAST
Listing date: March 16th
Key words: AI, Initial Listing, BEP20
Official Website: https://podfast.app/

About: By using cutting-edge AI to create audio and video summaries of users’ favourite podcast episodes, PodFast (FAST) enables users to increase knowledge and information at lightning speed.

Summary of Last Week’s Listings – February 6th 2022 to March 12th 2023

Name: DTH
Official Website: https://deathwolf.io/
Trade here: https://www.lbank.com/exchange/dth/usdt

Weekly gain: 124%
Official Website: https://www.optimusbot.io/
Trade here: https://www.lbank.com/exchange/optimus/usdt

Name: GLR
Weekly gain: 31%
Official Website: http://canvasn.io/
Trade here: https://www.lbank.com/exchange/glr/usdt

Name: PAE
Official Website: http://paeangroup.io/
Trade here: https://www.lbank.com/exchange/pae/usdt

Name: TMC
Official Website: http://tmcglobal.info/main/main.php
Trade here: https://www.lbank.com/exchange/tmc/usdt

Name: STO
Weekly gain: 5%
Official Website: http://stocoin.org/
Trade here: https://www.lbank.com/exchange/sto/usdt

Name: FRWR
Weekly gain: 4%
Official Website: https://forower.io/
Trade here: https://www.lbank.com/exchange/frwr/usdt

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