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Cape Coral, Florida–(Newsfile Corp. – March 7, 2022) – Investors are looking to purchase tokens that show longevity with new developments and strong marketing tactics as cryptocurrency rapidly evolves. The era ushered in by meme coins with explosive valuations surpassing billions brought meme coins to the conversational forefront. Still, nowadays, investors demand utility and marketable tech rather than simply a catchy moniker to catch their eyes and wallets. Kiba Inu recognized these shifts in investor sentiment by developing their in-house decentralized exchange named KibaSwap. These advancements in the meme space bring about an innovative push that further broadens meme coins’ reach, ultimately expanding the crypto market and educating investors along the way.

Figure 2: KIBA INU: Disrupting the Meme Space with KibaSwap

How Does KibaSwap Help Investors?

KibaSwap is multichain operable and can support investors trading on Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum network. KibaSwap allows investors to connect their wallets and swap safely, identical to the utility offered by other DEX’s, like PooCoin and Dextools. KibaSwap pulls away from the competition by onboarding users by implementing Flooz Trade, allowing users to connect their wallets and make purchases with fiat, not just swap their currencies from one token to another. The ability to directly onboard users with fiat purchases is a practical tool for beginners that have begun to build their portfolio and can use KibaSwap as an all-in-one platform for their trading activities.

KibaSwap Limit Orders

The ability to execute limit orders is notably one of the most critical highlights of KibaSwap, especially for the average investor that can’t afford to watch the market throughout the day. Limit orders allow an investor to swipe a preferred entry into a token, rather than how other DEX’s operate, allowing investors to buy into a token only at market price. Limit orders are another tool invested by Kiba Inu to provide novice and beginner traders with resources in the marketplace that are often utilized only by experienced traders.

Kiba Bridge

Kiba Inu is positioning itself as a simple platform for beginners and a lucrative tool for experienced traders with the Kiba Bridge. The bridge acts as an intermediary between both Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum network by allowing investors on either chain to swap their tokens from one to the other. Essentially, traders can hop back and forth from the chains and engage in arbitrage. Arbitraging allows traders to assume a riskier trading style for larger profit margins by buying and then selling tokens from one chain to another (for example, BSC to ETH) if there’s a wide difference in valuation. Arbitrage is a style of trading that more experienced traders can take advantage of, and in return, Kiba Inu becomes a trading platform for investors of all backgrounds.

Kiba Inu’s Common Approach

Building out a tech ecosystem in crypto is no easy feat, especially with rocky market conditions, but Kiba Inu continues to make a splash with its eye-catching marketing strategy. Meme coins break down the barrier to entry within crypto, which is why Kiba Inu has targeted their marketing towards professional league sponsorships, such as with the European Cricket League, to capture the attention of individuals who may know very little about the space but want to invest. Tackling these professional sponsorships brings a level of legitimacy to the project and influences new investors to take a spin on this new frontier. By offering experienced traders the ability to arbitrage, KibaSwap provides an invaluable resource for all investors.

Kiba Inu can be purchased using the Binance Smart Chain, the Ethereum Network, and at the time of writing is valued at 7m on CoinMarketCap.

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