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Tel Aviv, Israel–(Newsfile Corp. – February 24, 2022) – GoodDollar, an economic opportunity protocol and DAO that leverages decentralized finance (DeFi) to provide a crypto UBI to hundreds of thousands of members around the world, today announced the availability of its GoodDollar for Android app – the latest in a string of positive developments this year.

The app has already been downloaded by 27,000+ users since the release of the beta version in December. Enhancements introduced in February included a cleaner and simpler sign-in interface and a feature that automatically shows members the U.S. dollar value of their G$ balances. Developed by GoodDollar LLC, the non-profit software development firm that builds simple products that enable more underserved people to access the GoodDollar protocol, the Android app makes it faster and easier for more people to receive a daily allocation of G$ crypto UBI.

February saw GoodDollar reach record levels of growth for both membership and the market capitalization of the G$ crypto UBI token.

Membership grew past 300,000 individuals for the first time, while G$’s market cap breached $1 million mid-month. G$ market cap stood at $1.16 million as of February 23, while the value of the GoodDollar Reserve – the reservoir of supported cryptocurrency that backs the generation and distribution of G$ – hovers around $1 million. To date, GoodDollar has distributed more than $50,000 worth of G$ tokens to hundreds of thousands of people around the world, with daily active users concentrated in emerging markets suffering from high rates of inflation, such as Nigeria, Vietnam, Indonesia, Argentina and Venezuela.

This run of good news comes in the wake of a major protocol upgrade, GoodDollar Version 2, which was released in December. The upgrade opened the protocol’s smart contracts to enable anyone to support the GoodDollar UBI scheme by staking or holding G$ tokens, and coincided with the handover of governance to the community-run GoodDAO. By aligning the financial and social incentives of the members that receive crypto UBI with those of supporters that fund the economic model, GoodDollar protocol presents a scalable, market-incentivized approach to fund global UBI at scale.

“GoodDollar has gone from strength to strength since the introduction of V2 and there is terrific momentum and excitement amongst members,” GoodDollar co-founder Anna Stone said. “It now seems clear that the upgrade has been a catalyst for significant and healthy growth in the GoodDollar impact economy.”

Patricia Pedrosa, Impact Lead and Head of Product Management said: “The ongoing evolution of the GoodDollar app will help us better serve GoodDollar’s growing ecosystem. Over the coming weeks, the development team will introduce a host of other improvements, including an in-app GoodDollar news feed and education modules, an improved user interface, and integrated governance, staking and swapping functionality.”

About GoodDollar

GoodDollar is an anti-poverty blockchain protocol and DAO that leverages the tools of decentralized finance to enable greater financial empowerment of underserved people across the globe. GoodDollar unites the interests of current crypto investors with the potential of future crypto users, through G$, an ERC-2o token that is both used for liquidity mining rewards and openly distributed as universal basic income. All GoodDollar code is open-source and operates on the Ethereum mainnet and Fuse.io, an Ethereum side-chain. Users with an Internet connection and the GoodDollar app can sign up to claim a small amount of G$ daily.

Press Contact

Anna Stone
[email protected]

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