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Internet City, Dubai–(Newsfile Corp. – January 10, 2022) – As a world class digital asset exchange, LBank continues to focus on providing its users quality projects to participate in. Here is a weekly report made by LBank Exchange presenting this week’s exciting new listings and a summary of the ones listed last week, offering users more information to help better understand these unique opportunities.

New Listings on LBank Exchange

Scheduled this week starting on 10th Jan.
For a more complete list please follow our twitter @LBank_Exchange

Project: WELUPS
Listing date: 10th Jan.
Key words: Main net, Public Chain
Official Website: https://welups.com/
As the world’s first platform based on IDShare and new blockchain technology, Welups brings a revolution in Blockchain Identity Management as well as NFT and digital asset management to create a truly decentralized internet, E-commerce, and life services.

Project: AUC
Listing date: 11th Jan.
Key words: ERC20
Official Website: http://www.aucunited.com/
The AUC is a project that starts with the financially underprivileged people in Africa and East Asia and combines blockchain technology and cryptocurrency into the global payment and remittance markets to provide relative solutions to users.

Project: PMG
Listing date: 11th Jan.
Key words: Main net
Official Website: https://www.pmgcoin.io/
PMG is a cryptocurrency with easier and more stable payment functions by securing connectivity and connection with existing payment systems linked to VISA and MASTER cards. It is reflected in the real economy, not speculative assets, to realize the original function of cryptocurrency in principle and pure. We have established an operating system for this, and we are considering and preparing a lot for the purity of the function in the future. PMG contains functions to be classified as economically stable assets. We would like to act as a stable asset that can be operated in line with the cycle of the global economy. It is also planning to expand platforms that can match SWIFT, which is part of international remittance transactions, and operating networks that can be compared to them.

Project: COMT
Listing date: 12th Jan.
Key words: gamefi, listed on pancakeswap, BSC
Official Website: https://communitymetaverse.space/
Now, Community Metaverse is here to solve this problem and present a truly transparent and fully community-driven ecosystem! Our model is very simple. It gives our holders full authority to make decisions (through our Voting System) on which direction to take, and which products to create.

Project: EXFI
Listing date: 13th Jan.
Key words: Main net
Official Website: https://flr.finance/
Flare Finance is the first institutional-grade decentralized finance platform being built on the Flare Network. It offers a diverse suite of 6 trustless products to the participants of the Flare Network including; yield farming, swaps, loans, insurance, wrapping, and yield mining. Flare Finance has a goal to unite the ecosystems of the Flare Network in one easily adoptable platform for the holders of XRP, DOGE, LTC, XLM, and FLR.

Project: CURE
Listing date: 13th Jan.
Key words: DAO, Charity, BSC
Official Website: https://www.curetoken.net/
Curecoin describes itself as a cryptographic utility token dedicated to replacing ASIC mining with protein folding computations – helping scientists find new medicines in lieu of mining hashes. Curecoin’s goal is to accelerate research in the medical sciences relating to Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Antibiotics, Diabetes, Huntington’s, Ebola, Zika, HIV, Parkinson’s, repurposing drug compounds, and Astrobiology.

Project: CSX
Listing date: 14th Jan.
Key words: DEFI, listed on XT, ERC20
Official Website: https://coinstox.io/
Coinstox is a DeFi decentralized crowdfunding portal for start-ups, entrepreneurs, businesses & investors. It enables companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs to generate capital fast, intelligent and transparent in exchange of tokens.

Project: ANN
Listing date: 14th Jan.
Key words: DEFI and NFT, listed on pancake, bitmart, BSC
Official Website: https://www.annex.finance/
Annex Finance is a lending/borrowing platform for cryptocurrencies. The project goal is to bridge the traditional lending platform for BSC, ETH, and Poly network bringing the network closer to each other, starting on BSC. Project will include DEX swap allowing users to create LP and liquidity with high APY returns, increasing ANN price/volume while allowing users to borrow and supply assets through smart contracts. The protocol will also be offering NFT marketplace as well as IDO auction, Annex Finance is aiming to be a one stop shop multi-chain DeFi platform.

Summary of Last Week’s Listings – January 1st to January 9th, 2021

Name: SLC
Weekly gain: 4014%
Official Website: https://solice.io/

Weekly gain: 47%
Official Website: https://www.shunainuverse.com/

Name: REAP
Weekly gain: 47%
Official Website: https://reapchain.com/

Name: DHG
Weekly gain: 33%
Official Website: https://doomhero.io/

Weekly gain: 22%
Official Website: https://kingpad.co/

Name: DHD
Weekly gain: 8%
Official Website: https://doomhero.io/

Name: LC
Weekly gain: 12%
Official Website: https://lightyear.game

Name: TRL
Weekly gain: 6%
Official Website: https://www.triall.io/

Weekly gain: 2%
Official Website: https://www.bitcichain.com/en

Name: DVC
Weekly gain: 1%
Official Website: http://www.dragonvein.io/

Name: AXL
Official Website: https://www.axltoken.com/

Name: ZPTC
Official Website: https://zeptagram.com/

Name: BSTS
Official Website: https://beasties.online/

Name: KTZ
Official Website: https://kill-the-zero.com/

Official Website: https://gaming-shiba.com/

Official Website: https://warmus.land/scardust/

Name: GRC
Official Website: https://www.greencoin.ai/

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