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New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – November 10, 2021) – Thousands of crypto communities join Bitrise – While few cryptocurrency experts didn’t give the coin a chance, a majority and well-known experts were very confident that the coin was going to define DeFi. True to it, the Bitrise crypto coin has not disappointed, and today, even the previous pessimists are rushing to buy this coin.

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Experts project that the Bitrise coin is the next Safemoon. The most exciting thing about the Bitrise crypto coin is tokenomics. The token offers incredible tokenomics. With its tokenomics, Bitrise tokens give the holders better financial gains than most tokens in the market.

The first benefit users get from Bitrise tokenomics is an ever-scarce crypto coin, which means the token price will most of the time be on an upward trajectory. It is a hyper-deflationary token, which means token demand and price will automatically increase with every transaction.

To ensure a steady liquidity regulation, Bitrises has an automated buyback and burning process. This makes this cryptocurrency the first ever to include automatic Buyback with a real use case of payment systems. Every 5% of the 12% fee charged on every transaction goes to the buyback contract for automatic buying and burning tokens in the liquidity pool.

Another reason for joining Bitrise coin is the rewards for just holding tokens. Bitrise crypto coin holders get BNB rewards for just holding the token. Every 4% of the 12% fee is distributed to the token holders in BNBs. The rewards are automatically sent to token holder wallets every 60 minutes. Not many coins have this kind of system for rewards distribution.

Soon Bitrise is launching the staking process. It is slotted for the end of November. According to the yet-to-be-released revenue sharing staking program, staked tokens will share 80% APY of the revenues generated from Bitrise Audits, Bitrise dApp wallets, Techrate Audit, Bitrise exchange, and IBitrise blockchain, among others.

Apart from these direct benefits investors get from Bitrise coin, the rising value of the coin is another positive. Most of the Bitrise crypto coin millionaires have accumulated profits from the growing coin value.

Considering the Bitrise crypto coin is still very young and yet to hit a +20k increase in value, there is a huge potential.

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