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Dubai, United Arab Emirates–(Newsfile Corp. – November 9, 2021) – Nicki Minaj announced Happy Hippos NFT Presale on November 8. The infinity8.io Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace needs no further introduction though. It has been a very ambitious and aspiring NFT platform, owing to its ability to prove itself and push forward ever since their launch at the AmfAR Gala in Cannes where they raised over 2 millions dollars together with Sacha Jafri.

Announcement here: https://twitter.com/NICKIMINAJ/status/1457871356100415492

With NFTs on play to real world assets tokenization, infinity8.io acquires a special path for itself among the overall NFT market.

Moreover, among many of its projects in hand, the happyhipposnft.com has been one of the most anticipated projects of all time. Very much to the expectations, Infinity8, as always, makes a grand entrance and its no other than the “Queen” herself, Nicki Minaj, who finally opens the curtains for the Happy Hippos NFT and rolls it out.

In spite of all the hype, Happy Hippos pre-sales were out on November 8th. Also, the official public sale is all set to begin on November 11. It is expected to sell out very quickly and it is recommended to sign up on infinity8.io ahead of the sale to be sure to secure a Hippo on time before they sell out.

About the Happy Hippos

As denoted before, the Happy Hippos is one of the biggest projects for the Infinity8 platform. Moreover, the Happy Hippos are a collection of 8888 unique AI generated and programmed cartoon images of Hippos dressed up in various designs and clothes.

One unique feature of all the 8888 Happy Hippos NFTs is that none poses for a sad or sulken face. Most are with a wide smile face or, at times, certain curious reactions.

As with the Infinity8 platform, the Happy Hippos project is also solely based on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, ERC-1155 to be more precise.

Apart from just being unique, one prominent feature connecting to the real world is the welfare devoted towards the Hippos all over the world and profusely Africa. With the purchase of one Happy Hippo NFT, a particular amount from the purchase will be sent as a donation towards the welfare and well being of the hippos in the wild.

Also, the buyers of Happy Hippos will be receiving a certificate pertaining to adoption of a real life Hippo.

Price, Availability and Future Works

All these Happy Hippos are available upon the infinity8.io NFT marketplace with the price ranging from $200 to $1000. These are usually purchased at 0.06 to 0.088 ETH respectively.

Moreover, the price range depends upon the Happy Hippo one is choosing from the 5 sub-divided groups. Out of the overall 8888 Happy Hippos NFTs, there are 1780 as ‘Mythic’, 888 as ‘Legendary’, 3101 as ‘Rare’, and another 3101 as ‘Common’.

Apart from this, Infinity8 announced that there are many exciting plans ahead for the Happy Hippos. Also one such plan is to bring about features of companionship, breeding and much more.

infinity8.io is all about the community and giving back and they have they started the presale by donating over 5ETH ( US24,000$) to their community. They will also choose amongst the holders two lucky winner to send them on an all expenses paid Safari to Africa to go and meet the real life hippos.

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