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Dallas, Texas–(Newsfile Corp. – September 2, 2020) – Alternet Systems, Inc. (OTC Pink: ALYI) today released new information from its investment partner RevoltTOKEN (

Electric Mobility Ecosystem
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The Rideshare ReVolt Electric Motorcycle is just the starting place for ALYI’s long-term electric mobility vision. Instead of designing specific future products in an isolated lab, ALYI has designed a process to bring a community of stakeholders together that can collectively contribute to the future of electric mobility in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

To motivate and inspire collaboration in a rational electric mobility evolutionary process, ALYI has architected an annual electric mobility symposium and conference around an electric auto race as an anchor event. The annual event will generate revenue contributing to the local economy, at the same time contributing to the evolutionary development of future electric mobility innovations. The expense of research and development will at least be offset by revenue from the annual event and potentially, research and development may become a profit center.

The upcoming RevoltTOKEN initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO) is the catalyst designed to set the ALYI electric mobility initiative in perpetual motion.

The RevoltTOKEN cryptocurrency is structured to incorporate the holder as a stakeholder into the ALYI electric mobility ecosystem.

We have painstakingly structured the RevoltTOKEN cryptocurrency as a utility token with redeemable value into the ALYI electric mobility ecosystem.

We encourage all interested in purchasing RevoltTOKEN cryptocurrency to thoroughly review the white paper currently in a draft form and available on the RevoltTOKEN website (www.revolttoken.com) where the cryptocurrency redemption options are listed.

The whitepaper also details the overall vision of the ALYI electric mobility ecosystem in partnership with those becoming RevoltTOKEN stakeholders.

In our painstaking efforts to construct the RevoltTOKEN cryptocurrency, we have carefully evaluated domiciles that best suit the interests of all future stakeholders in the ALYI electric mobility ecosystem. Selecting the best domicile has been the last key step in moving forward with our $100 million RevoltTOKEN ICO and ALYI funding transaction.

We believe the RevoltTOKEN cryptocurrency should appeal to and invite global participation and that the domicile for the cryptocurrency should be suited to a global audience. We also recognize cryptocurrency is still a relatively new idea and that the parameters and practices by which cryptocurrency enterprises are transacted are still evolving. Some domiciles have better experience than others with cryptocurrency, and some domiciles regard the future of cryptocurrency more optimistically than others.

We have elected to domicile RevoltTOKEN in Bermuda. Bermuda is a well-respected international finance center with a host of international banks. Bermuda last year passed new cryptocurrency laws designed to respect the financial regulatory interests of the international investment community.

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