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London, UK – 16th April 2020: Qadre, a high-growth fintech trusted by leading institutions to deliver certainty with blockchain technology, today launched its new brand that aims to demystify blockchain and drive increased understanding and practical applications of the technology in financial markets.

A recent study by techUK revealed that a major barrier to blockchain adoption has been a lack of understanding and mistrust of the technology by businesses. C-Level decision-makers are often reluctant to invest in blockchain because of fear of damage to their reputation and lack of awareness of the applications of blockchain beyond cryptocurrency.

Qadre aims to remove friction, improve security, and enhance user experiences in financial markets with blockchain. Education is needed to address the perceived complexity and lack of understanding around the technology. In response, Qadre is introducing a campaign to demystify blockchain through a glossary series of articles on everything from cryptography to cybersecurity, interviews with blockchain experts, webinars on practical applications, and explainer videos, as part of its new core brand and visual identity.

“Today’s solutions are risky, unintegrated and opaque. Qadre delivers certainty in the digital age, allowing consumers and businesses to build mutual trust,” said Nick Williamson, CEO and founder of Qadre. “Our new brand identity embodies our ambition to demystify blockchain and demonstrate how it can modernise financial markets.”

“The blockchain industry is full of jargon,” said Anna Flach, Head of Growth and Communications. “To instil confidence and drive practical applications, we have a responsibility to explain the benefits and applications of the technology simply. Only when the (wo)man on the street outside the ‘blockchain bubble’ understands the potential impact of the technology will blockchain become mainstream and transform our daily lives for the better.”

The new brand’s look and feel has been designed to represent Qadre’s cutting-edge technology, while not neglecting the human element behind it. The logo merges the shape of a block with the letter ‘Q’ of Qadre, open on one side to represent the flow and exchange of value. The primary font bears resemblance to some of the early operating systems reflecting the team’s long-standing experience and expertise in the field. Qadre’s modular platform, Huski, is at the heart of all its products and plays a core role in its new brand. The image of the husky represents the robustness, power and security of the blockchain framework.

The new, bold brand and blockchain glossary can be found on www.qad.re.


About Qadre
Qadre is a high-growth fintech trusted by leading institutions to deliver certainty and modernise financial markets with blockchain technology.

The company’s modular platform, Huski, monitors, records, and reconciles any transfer of value and ownership with greater efficiency, reduced risk, and at lower cost than traditional methods. It offers a range of pioneering applications across equity management, market infrastructure, payments, and fund distribution designed to remove friction, improve security, and enhance the user experience for both the business and its customers.

The Qadre team is behind the earliest and most innovative blockchain projects to date in the fintech sector. Huski is the first blockchain technology to be approved by the UK government.

Qadre is a member of techUK and Innovate Finance.

For additional information on Qadre, please visit https://www.qad.re/

Source: RealWire

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