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Innovative new Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) enterprise FiO held a successful first tech meetup in Taipei on Friday, 8 November.

The company invited Jack Wu, senior technical consultant at IBM Taiwan’s Cloud Computing and Cognitive Software Division to share IBM’s public cloud technology with attendees.

During the event, Kaede Tai, FiO’s chief technology officer, gave a detailed explanation on how FiO’s ecosystem works, as well of a demonstration of FiO’s extensive product suite in action. Kaede also explained how blockchain technology will benefit everyone and how FiO break down the barriers to blockchain by making it simple and being a problem-solving tool for enterprises and individuals.

With the growth of blockchain technology, many traditional industries have started to focus on the research and applications of it, especially on how to integrate blockchain into existing solutions. Startups like FiO are focusing on upgrading, scaling and improving the efficiency of current business operations through sophisticated customized blockchain applications.

FiO was launched with the mission to introduce seamless and practical blockchain technology into end-users’ lives. Its complete BaaS solution removes the prohibitive costs for enterprises or developers associated with learning or developing their own blockchain-based products. Instead, FiO allows any company to be involved in FiO’s cross-chain technology where all the participants share the collective mutual benefits such as new customer bases, more targeted marketing and access to big data.

During the meetup, Kaede showed the demonstration of the new backend management system currently developed for customers and partners.

Kaede explained the concept of combining GPG encryption verification and winding technology and how simple and intuitive enough FiO is that even the most inexperienced non-technical users can easily use it to manipulate and extract the blockchain information they require, thus making blockchain belong anyone.

FiO’s latest achievements also lay the foundation for the company’s plans in the near future to integrate the converging latest digital innovations in 5G, AI, IoT, and Big Data into its service offering to the direct benefit of its customers.  With Asia’s tigers and China now all heavily investing in blockchain technology to ensure they remain frontrunners in the new global digital economy, the company is well-positioned to reap the rewards in the coming years.



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