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George Gilder Crowns DealBox STO issuer the “Prophet of the Cryptocosm” — One of Many Innovators Leading the Charge in the 4th Industrial Revolution

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New York, NY, Oct. 31, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) Blockchain has been the tech du jour for the past few years. For many however it remains esoteric and difficult to put into a larger context. 

George Gilder’s recent book, Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy demystifies the blockchain and details how it is currently transforming the internet and how we live.

Gilder is a legend in tech and economic circles. His book Wealth and Poverty was the guiding light for Regan’s economic policies which ignited the rise of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from roughly 800 in 1979 to where it is today.

Gilder predicted much of the ubiquitous tech in use today years before it existed in his books: Microcosm, Telecosm, Life After Television, and The Silicon Eye.

In this latest book, Life After Google.. Gilder coins the term “The Cryptocosm”, to describe the emerging wave of innovative blockchain-based technology companies who are not just bringing paradigm shifting solutions to the market — but redefining the market itself.

One of these companies is DealBox. DealBox is an innovative digital securities issuer and investment platform led by security token pioneer and fintech veteran Thomas Carter.

Gilder recently had this to say about DealBox security token issuer Giuseppe Gori in this latest newsletter:

“Giuseppe Gori is an internet legend..”

 On Giuseppe’s new book –

“With Reinventing the Blockchain Gori becomes the reigning prophet of the next phase of the Cryptocosm, and Cryptocosmic investment…”

“Gori is the tribune of a new generation of blockchain inventors and their companies.”

Giuseppe’s company Gorbyte has built a blockchain that is faster and vastly more scalable than Bitcoin. It’s easier and more affordable for running smart contract applications than Ethereum. The Gorbyte blockchain does not make use of miners which makes it environmentally friendly.

 7 other blockchain companies within the emerging Cryptocosm you should know about…

Total Network Service (TNS)

Creators of the Digital Names blockchain address naming system. Think GoDaddy for domain names but instead of a website address, a blockchain wallet address.

 Digital Names provides human-readable names that replace the long, alpha-numeric string of characters used for sending and receiving cryptocurrency

With Digital Names rather than risk expensive typos while managing this:


for $19.95 a year, you can register a user-friendly Digital Name like $cryptodad.btc to use instead. 

Digital Names work with any cryptocurrency and can be integrated into wallets, exchanges and other blockchain enabled applications via its address book application and or simple API. 

Measured Risk 

MeasuredRisk enables leaders to see and anticipate risk. Utilizing a patent-pending AI software platform designed to determine the potential for risk and to identify the conditions that drive potential, in real-time.

Tom Albert is the Founder & CEO of MeasuredRisk. Albert is a transformative leader who has been bringing business relevance to IT and Security for over 17 years. Known for identifying disruptive technologies and building innovation across the cyber landscape, Albert is known as a pioneer in creating highly differentiated solutions to protect information assets.


Crosspay is a Fintech payment product that allows Personal and Business Customers to Make Payments over the Web or Mobile App from Europe to over 150 Countries using Digital Technology. It is a convenient low cost alternative to traditional money transfer companies that own expensive retail outlets or Agent Locations and charge exorbitant fees. Payments can be received as Bank credits, Mobile Money, Mobile Air top ups or Cash pick up in the receiving country.


Mint Air removes the pain from the corporate charter leasing business model. It is an international aviation holding company that buys aircraft in the after-market and leases them to Part 135 charter operators.

 Its strategy of after-market purchases enables companies to take advantage of the dramatic decline in aircraft prices. Mint Air serves the larger charter operators that have a fleet of 15 planes or more.

CEO, Brian Kendrick has over 30 years of aviation experience with the most recent 20 years concentrating on operating aircraft on charter certificates.

 During his tenure in the industry, he operated charter fleets in excess of 25 aircraft and has sold in excess of 600 aircraft. Mr. Kendrick was one of the first west coast operators to obtain a Platinum rating with ARG/US.


Rypplzz is paving the way for the future of connectivity with a new type of communication network called Interlife (the 3D Internet System).

 Interlife enables the ability for digital content to exist and be stored in precise areas of physical 3D space using radio frequency.   

It provides the opportunity for new and innovative applications across a variety of applications such as entertainment, marketing, security, and more. 

Rugby Stars

Rugby Stars brings the power of fantasy sports to real life. Rugby Star’s exclusive “FanZone” platform allows fans to participate in the creation of the League and influence their favorite Clubs front office decisions. 

Rugby Stars delivers dynamic-attacking hard-hitting rugby, festival events, fan gamification, fan influence, and high-quality streaming content designed to serve the changing behaviors of today’s sports fan while preparing for the next generation. 

By utilizing proven market strategies and innovations in digital merchandise, Rugby Stars is the future of sports entertainment.

Rugby Star’s Impressive team, lead by Lars Haves has worked with the NBA, MLS, and NFL, hosted events with a combined attendance of over 250,000+, won Super Bowl VR experience of the year 2017 award, produced feature films including Heist, and numerous other accomplishments.

Mission Space

The current satellite services market fails to address three key challenges:

1) Present demand for space-based telescope observation time exceeds supply by as much as 6 to 1;

2) A slow selective, case-proving application process is required to access current and future space-based telescopes

3) Ground-based telescopes are constrained by daylight, limited by fixed location and atmospheric distortion.

To meet these challenges, Mission Space Limited formed Mission Space, Inc., whose purpose is to develop and launch a constellation of up to four commercial orbiting space-based optical telescopes. 

Mission Space will provide the astronomy community with access to a proprietary constellation of orbiting space-based telescopes that will address the growing demand for high-quality observation time that is only available in space. 

In addition, access to high quality astronomy viewing will also be provided to the general public.

The Digital Transformation of Capital Markets is Underway and Represents a Generational Investment Opportunity

Learn more about the advantages of Security Token Offerings and how you can own your share of the Cryptocosm at www.dlbx.io 

Deal Box Inc.

A FinTech merchant bank and capital markets consulting firm that specializes in regulatory compliant tokenization of equity in emerging growth companies. 


Shazir Mucklai

Imperium Group

[email protected]

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