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The content public chain project Contentos (COS) invested by Binance Labs has been launched on the Binance main station and opened COS / USDT, COS / BNB, COS / BTC trading pair recently. Within one week of its launch, COS has its appearance on 24h Volume Top.  Cheetah Mobile, Ontology, LD Capital, Blockshine, Node Capital and LiveMe all expressed their congratulations and support of COS in its long-term value. They believe that blockchain technology will empower the content ecosystem and become a new engine for the evolution of the content industry.

Brazilian influencers have been all over COS mining – simply by posting selfies on PhotoGrid. COS is the token issued by Contentos. A fashion blogger posted 178 posts on PhotoGrid in 14 days and got more than 6,300 likes, meaning she dug 15,217 COS, which is about $685.

PhotoGrid (PG) image social platform has more than 40 million active users around the world. After successfully integrating with Contentos (COS) content ecosystem, PG launched the “COS content creation reward mechanism” pre-pump activity. It took less than ten days for the number of image releasers to increase by more than 457%. More than 454,263 creators have received COS eco rewards.

Creator Fran Araújo posted a selfie on the first day of the reward creation pre-pump. This picture, receiving the most likes on the same day (7/21), dug 1,300 COS for Araújo, equivalent to $58.50. According to the Continuous National Household Sample Survey published by the Brazilian Institute of Geostatistics (IBGE), in 2018, the average monthly income of Brazilians is R$ 2,290 (BRL) and the average daily income is BRL 76.33 (BRL), which is about 18.61 US dollars. Fran Araújo’s eco reward from a selfie on PhotoGrid is equivalent to a three-day income for the locals.

Fran Araújo said: “I have been using PhotoGrid for a long time. I saw the notification right when the content creation reward mechanism went online. But I just posted pictures as usual, and thus naturally participated in this activity. I didn’t expect my picture to get the most likes on the first day. I’m truly thrilled and looking forward to more activities.” The COS content creation reward mechanism not only created profit but also added her more than 2,000 fans.

Contentos (COS) implanted the content creation reward mechanism into PhotoGrid, leading a substantial growth in the core data of the PhotoGrid platform, including an average daily active growth of 135%, a 191% increase in the number of creators, and a 224% increase in the number of works published. As for the number of new users in Brazil, there was an 89% increase.

PhotoGrid R&D Director Keith Huang said: “PhotoGrid, as a mature image platform product, has been constantly seeking a symbiotic model that is beneficial to the platform and its users. Cooperation with Contentos leads us towards a win-win situation. We will continue to work with Contentos and explore the possibilities in the field of photo creation.”

Contentos Co-founder and CEO Mick Tsai also gave recognition to PhotoGrid’s “COS content creation reward mechanism: “The content industry aims at a wide range of real community users. This step (COS integration) allows us to help the content industry evolve through blockchain technology. The decentralized implementation is now clearer. By simply using PhotoGrid to edit their favorite photos, posting them on the platform, and inviting friends to like their posts, users can enjoy the benefits of creation mining. The acceptance and conversion rate of Brazilian users is amazing and uplifting. Now, PhotoGrid global users can complete a variety of tasks on the platform to get PG points and convert to COS. We will actively discuss with the PhotoGrid team to hold pre-pumps in more regions for users to experience the COS content creation reward mechanism.”


SOURCE Contentos

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