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Klaytn, the global public blockchain platform of the leading mobile platform in Korea, Kakao, whose mainnet launched on June 27th, announced another batch of 8 new initial service partners.

With a mission to trigger mass adoption of blockchain experience for millions of users across the world, Klaytn partners with leading blockchain projects operated by large user pool-based service providers in various industry domains. So far, a total of 51 service partners have joined Klaytn to launch their readily usable blockchain services on Klaytn. With over 700 million combined users of Klaytn’s 51 service partners and 23 Governance Council members, Klaytn has secured the world’s largest user base for a single blockchain platform.

In addition to participating in Klaytn Governance Council, ‘Hi, Inc.,’ the Hong Kong-based unicorn company engaged in global travel and lifestyle business providing services to hotels, is launching its blockchain service on Klaytn as initial service partner as well. Serving over 140 million users in travel industry, Hi’s blockchain project ‘PASSPORT’ provides an all-in-one traveling application that provides services ranging from booking flight tickets to reserving hotels and scheduling sightseeing trips.

‘Pledgecamp’ introduces the world’ first escrow wallet framework ‘Backer Insurance’ for its crowdfunding platform that can allow anybody to seamlessly participate in crowdfunding campaigns.

‘BlockPet’ is a blockchain-powered social community platform for pets and pet owners. The project allows pet owners to record and manage their pets’ health information in order to provide effective measures for cure and ultimately prevent abandonment or unanticipated losses. ‘Project WITH’ is a sports career management platform connecting sports clubs, agencies, players, and fans via blockchain technology. Players and fans can be rewarded providing sports career information while clubs and agents can purchase such information using cryptocurrency.

Other notable partners include ‘Pibble,’ the image-based social network service; ‘ARGear,’ the AR-technology-based content ecosystem backed by Seerslab; ‘DATA,’ the blockchain-powered digital data authentication protocol from U.S.; and ‘Tokky,’ blockchain-based prepaid loyalty and points issuance platform from Bulgaria.

Continuing its ecosystem building efforts, Klaytn held a mainnet launch event on July 9th in Seoul for partners and journalists. The event showcased 9 blockchain services including ‘Hintchain,’ the blockchain-based food data marketplace, ‘Antube,’ a short-video entertainment service, and ‘Pibble,’ image-based SNS service. The services are set to roll out starting early July.



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