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Property remains as a hot bed of opportunities globally. It is often seen as one of the safest form of investments to generate profits over a period of time. Whether you are an investor or looking to own a home, financing can become one of the biggest challenges to overcome to secure your dream property.

The rise of blockchain technology has revolutionized many industries, including the property industry. By providing peer-to-peer collaboration that integrated with blockchain, Maison Holdings paves the way for a new spectrum of financing solutions to property investors and owners. At the same time, by providing real time information on all transactions, backed by property collaterals, the immutability of blockchain technology provides lenders peace of mind.

Maison Holdings firmly believes in a sharing economy where everyone has an equal opportunity to create wealth and achieve financial freedom. To this end, Maison Holdings’ integrated P2P financing platform enables multi-party collaboration where all market participants engage in business dependably to develop the platform ecosystem. To join the platform, users will need to register themselves as a lender or borrower. All registered users will undergo a stringent Know-Your-Client process. Upon approval, the platform will match lenders to borrowers according to their needs to offer the best solutions for both parties.

Exciting New Opportunities in Malaysia Property

Maison Holdings has partnered with one of Malaysia’s top developers, Sheng Tai International, to offer platform users the opportunity and selections of upcoming property projects in Malacca and Kuala Lumpur, which are key development cities in Malaysia. Users who wish to own or invest in these projects will be able to apply for P2P financing on Maison Holding’s blockchain platform.

With its integrated P2P property financing blockchain model, Maison Holdings increases the public’s accessibility to property financing solutions and provides more loan options for property buyers, with the flexibility to combine traditional and P2P property financing to build up their property portfolio.



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