MultiVAC Testnet 2.0 “Enigma” Launched, with Deposits Exceeding 100 Million

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Public blockchain project MultiVAC has officially released its Testnet 2.0 “Enigma” in June. This project will open a new era of fair mining and re-grant the control of blockchain system to miners.

On the day of the launch of Testnet 2.0, MultiVAC synchronously published the three mining modes of “Cloud Mining”, “Self Mining” and “Group Mining”, which greatly reduced the participation threshold of miners and enables ordinary PC to participate in mining freely. In order to encourage the community to actively participate in the ecological construction, MultiVAC also launched a million bounty mining plan. Up to June 30, the miners’ deposit has exceeded 100 million, and the whole network has deployed nearly 1,000 nodes, accumulating more than 8 million rewards.

As is well known, blockchain techniques are known for the decentralization. However, so many public blockchains have now been monopolized by ASIC mining machines and centralized mining pools, and ordinary miners’ rights have also been deprived of. Meanwhile, some public blockchains adopting partial-centralized solutions such as super-node and root-chain verification to solve the problem of scalability, result in the situation that the blockchain being controlled by a few chaebols and large miners.

MultiVAC’s CEO Frank said that decentralization is the core value and vision that cannot be abandoned in the development of blockchain, and it also represents the unyielding will of true freedom. MultiVAC has always adhered to the original proposition of the decentralization of blockchain. Through the solution of its pioneering all-dimensional sharding technology, MultiVAC enables miners to have the same block generation probability and enables every miner to be entitled with the equal bookkeeping rights and voting rights, which guarantees the fairness and decentralization of the whole system.

Just as Dr. Shawn, MultiVAC’s CTO, pointed it out in their purplepaper: “MultiVAC was developed with a vision to rebuild the One-CPU-One-Vote concept that Satoshi Nakamoto pioneered in Bitcoin, undermined by professional ASIC miners in the latter half decade. Our team firmly believes that this original vision will be rebuilt, stronger than ever, on MultiVAC.”

In this mining plan, all the rewards of miners are repurchased by MultiVAC Foundation from the secondary market, which will also greatly increase the circulation value of the token. Due to the innovative technical concept and reward mechanism of MultiVAC, its mining activities continued to attract a large number of miners immediately after its launch.

MultiVAC’s CEO Frank said, “Since we just released the testnet 2.0, some details still need to be optimized. We will continue to iterate the miner client and browser to provide the best mining mode. Meanwhile, we will also introduce more mining incentives and community activities to engage more people in the ecological construction of MultiVAC and strive to create a truly decentralized collaborative network.”


SOURCE MultiVAC Foundation