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Blockchain is sweeping across multiple industries and it’s not all about cryptocurrencies. The way data and information is handled has reinvented and made more efficient and transparent.

While early adopters of the blockchain technology have proved that it is a good bet, we are now seeing implementations in industries such as the maritime industry, where by its nature, there is a huge demand for cross-border transactions with the involvement of conspicuous paperwork and bureaucracy together with the slowdown in international payments.

The team at BlueQbit has developed a device (Patent) dedicated to Smart Contracts, which allows the upgrade of the existing Ship’s Hardware Information with Blockchain.

During the inaugural PICANTE Tech Conference Europe,  Capt.L.C. Arrigo GARIPOLI, Founder at BlueQbit, will explain how they are disrupting the maritime industry in a panel discussion dedicated to the growing use of Blockchain by Start-ups and SMEs. Capt.L.C. Arrigo GARIPOLI will be joined by Alexandra Karpova (Sasha), Co-Founder & CEO at Millennium.

About Capt.L.C. Arrigo GARIPOLI

Capt.L.C. Arrigo GARIPOLI is a Financial Banking Consultant on Maritime Industries and the founder of BlueQbit. The technology developed for BlueQbit dispatches as a blockchain solution provides a transparent, integrated, without permission and decentralized base data layer for the process of the trust agreement.

The BlueQbit company with the dedicated project aims to implement a

“blockchain based” ecosystem to revolutionize the traditional Shipping Section with its shipments and Naval Brokerage, aware that the platform thus created can also be used for the Departments where yachts registered in BlueQbit can be marketed or rented all over the world

PICANTE Tech Conference Europe is designed to bring both people and knowledge together and provides the excellent ecosystem of networking and learning opportunities without interruptions with emphasis on comfort and communication. After learning from genuine world-class experts and wayseers, meeting achievers shaping the B2B ecosystem, all attendees will get the chance to grab a drink and relax while networking at the evening social gathering.