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Recently, the leading crypto exchange CoinAll launched the Star Project listing model and plans to launch the first Star Project Lightning, Precium.

Precium is a smart contract platform based on the Onyx Chain hybrid blockchain, providing templates for various smart contract terms, allowing users to create and use smart contracts simply and securely through peer-to-peer transactions. The advantage is that it greatly reduces the threshold for users to use smart contracts, and is highly praised for its unique and efficient hybrid blockchain structure.

The Star Project aims to provide entrepreneurs who contribute to the development of the blockchain industry with a one-stop service from project initiation to seed users gaining by building a fair, just and transparent project online display platform and help investors to find high-potential projects with reasonable valuations.

Compared with traditional listing, the difference of Star Project is reflected in two aspects:

For the asset side: the exchange will conduct deeper communication with the project side, arrange longer-term follow-up visits, and more comprehensive and transparent information disclosure to fully help quality projects go to market.

For the users: the exchange will conduct a more in-depth review of the project, helping investors to more fully grasp the information and find high-potential assets with reasonable valuation.

As an OKEx deep partner, CoinAll shares a world-leading security system, 24-hour global customer service and over 20 million user bases with OKEx, and has been committed to promoting the healthy and orderly development of the blockchain industry, creating a safe, efficient and dedicated blockchain asset comprehensive service platform for investors.

After evaluating and analyzing hundreds of blockchain projects, CoinAll has gradually established a comprehensive blockchain asset evaluation system and launched new listing model: Star Project. Next, CoinAll will find high-quality assets with high growth potential and reasonable valuation in a more refined way, providing users with low-cost investment opportunities and minimizing user transactions and the risk of digital assets.

The upcoming Star Project, Precium, supported by Korean entertainment company KCENT and software development company HANKY & PARTNERS, has 200 exclusive top 5% Korean KOL cooperation and about 10 million fan resources behind it.

In 2018, Precium achieved annual revenues of $16 million in South Korea, and plans to bring its brands across 12 different industries (such as beauty, health and lifestyle) to the platform in 2019 and attract more KOLs to develop a personal market on Precium.



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