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SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc (OTC: SMKG) is pleased to announce Emphasispay.com the business marketplace for its Channel Partners & Resellers. The marketplace focuses on the company’s go to market strategy delivering a conduit into the payments and global enterprises industry with a Brand As Your Own disruptive strategy. The company’s portfolio of technology delivers intuitive design and wireframes for specialized industries advancing go-to-market delivery for Enterprises and financial Institutions. All inclusive, with the added value of integrated 3rd party technologies and payment gateways from around the globe to make it truly seamless.

In addition, the company provides a flexible licensing structure which includes BPO access to a skilled set of developers and designers for customizations, maintenance and support with dedicated project managers to guide the way. This flexibility also provides scalability assurances to deliver on large portfolios of merchants and customers but at the same time affordable to smaller portfolios.


SOURCE SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc (SMKG)

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