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Yello Mobile (CEO Sanghyuk Lee)’s smart city solution company Dayli Blockchain (CEO Namjin Kim) is participating in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation (MOLIT)’s “Smart City Challenge.”

The Smart City Challenge supports collaboration between local governments and private corporations to solve transportation, environmental and other urban issues and the creation of new business models. On May 2, MOLIT selected six local governments to participate in the challenge this year, including Daejeon, Incheon, Gwangju, Suwon-Bucheon in Gyeonggi-do, and Changwon, in Gyeongsangnam-do.

Dayli Blockchain will use its blockchain technology to build a solution to solve the city of Bucheon’s parking space problem as part of the challenge.

Dayli Blockchain will provide a service portal that can comprehensively manage individual services, including sharing information about parking lots, information about kick-board and electricity car recharging spots, and valet parking, and the company will work together with other companies in a consortium to build a blockchain-based IoT platform and manage a blockchain node.

The company plans to share data through a blockchain API with collaborating companies. Dayli Blockchain aims to use this as a basis to promote synergy across a range of different fields related to smart cities, including fine-dust measures and drone control.

“We will strengthen the security and transparency of each platform through blockchain technology and expand connected services even more,” said Dayli Blockchain’s CEO, Namjin Kim. “In the future, we will launch a sustainable smart city solution that can solve various urban issues.”

Meanwhile, Dayli Blockchain has taken over the business management of Carelabs recently and become the company’s largest shareholder, and plans to launch a new smart healthcare platform based on blockchain technology.


SOURCE Yello Mobile

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