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Over the past few months we have been working diligently to build the CEEK network of powerful servers independently operated by Ceek enthusiasts that are looking to both enable the network and be rewarded for their efforts. Finally, we are excited to announce that we have come up with a platform that we believe will ensure reliable content delivery that is secure, protected and throttle-proof.

CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CEEK) is committed to delivering its customers the best quality VR streaming from any event in the world to any location on the globe. High quality content delivery is resource intensive and requires a distributed set of connected powerful computers to relay near-instant streams to all audiences. Enabled by groundbreaking blockchain technology Ceek is building a decentralized network of masternodes to ensure the best possible VR experience. The rise of blockchain technology enables Ceek to create such a distributed content delivery network that is maintained by people who have a vested interest in its successful operation.

The Ceek distributed network will be initially comprised of 1000 nodes. These servers will be used to relay high quality VR content to Ceek audiences throughout the globe. They will require a fast CPU and sufficient memory and bandwidth to process and distribute the data stream as fast and efficient as possible.

CEEK uses a custom permission Blockchain with a simplified PoS consensus algorithm and masternodes; enabling control and architectural flexibility to meet developmental requirements. For more information visit https://www.ceek.com/news



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